The opening: Try diving pool NaturaGart

Together with our club “einfach-nur-tauchen” we visited the NaturaGart in Ibbenbüren to open the newly built try diving pool. For this purpose, we dived together with affected people in the try diving pool. During this time the visitors of the NaturaGart had the opportunity to observe all the happenings inside the new pool through glass panes.


At half past nine in the morning we met to start in the day together. After a short briefing we put up some banners and handed out flyers. Some went in the new pool to test it and to demonstrate diving– the rest of the group explored the temples and caves in the large diving pond. We also offered deliberations on the topic of diving with disabilities.

NaturaGart Ibbenbüren? Try diving pool?

The NaturaGart Ibbenbüren is one of our cooperation partners. Together with them we offer weekend OWD courses in Ibbenbüren. The try diving pool is a recently finished pool to perform try diving easier and under better conditions: large shallow water area and ultimately more manageable.

The try diving pool is about three meters deep- So you have optimal conditions for new divers to breathe and float for the first time under water -and thus to inflame the passion for this sport in them. All visitors were able to observe the spectacle live:


Even the sturgeons in the large diving pond welcomed us warmly and were just on “cozies” as during our last visit in October. So we were able to make beautiful photos:


Ultimately it was a completely successful day, so again we would like to say thank you very much to our partner NaturaGart! In the evening some club members let end the day together while eating some pizza – great day!


Diving with disabilities?!- Opportunities, experiences and impressions

Diving with disabilities – impossible? No, not at all! We all know this feeling, diving frees the soul and frees completely from the accumulated stress. But for many people with disabilities diving is like a therapy — sometimes the first step back into life after an accident — directly from the hospital bed into the water. Especially for people with spinal paralysis diving is an ideal therapy: “and suddenly you are unleashed from the wheelchair”. It’s for each handicapped person a great feeling to finally be free again from all the burdens and to enjoy the weightlessness and that’s why there’s a big YES for handicapped diving! Diving with disabilities?!- Opportunities, experiences and impressions weiterlesen